Products & Services

  • To carry on the business of effecting and coordinating goods vehicles from one point (origin) to other point (destination) to its end customers through its portal and call center and to carry on the business of providing solutions and services in the field of logistics using web technologies, internet and e-commerce.
  • To design, develop, maintain, operate, own, establish, install, host, provide, create, facilitate, supply, sale, purchase, licence or otherwise deal in internet portals, web-site designing, web based and web enabled services.
  • To provide consultancy services addressed to business process engineering, information technology and the design and implementation of information technology solutions for logistics industry and to establish computer network, either as part of international network or as standalone network or otherwise, development of websites and Portal Sites.
  • To acquire and take over any existing business having similar business objectives including all its assets, rights, benefits, titles, interest, approvals, licences, debts, liabilities and obligations and the rights and liabilities of the parties hereto and in connection therewith.